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Hon.Minister for Fisheries,Harbour Engineering & Cashew Industry
Chief Engineer


Harbour Engineering Department continued to work as a Service Department for Fisheries and Ports Department of the Government of Kerala. The Department undertakes investigation, planning, design, preparation of project reports for the construction of cargo harbours, fishery harbours, fish landing centres, fish seed farms, hatcheries in addition to the routine maintenance of the port and fisheries structures.

The present assignments include the construction work of Fishing Harbours at Arthunkal,Chellanam,Chettuva,Thanur,Koyilandi,Vellayil,Thalai,Cheruvathur ,Kasargodand Manjeswaram

The operation, management and maintenance of commissioned fishery harbours and fish landing centres were also vested with this department. An amount of Rs. 5,10,58,197/- has been collected by way of revenue from the fishing harbour and fish landing centres during 2013-14 (The latest figures awaited)